About US

Logic Plus Plus India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is committed to provide very effective and efficient solutions using state of the art techniques and technologies in Condition Based Machine Health Monitoring areas as applied to Power Generation, Distribution and heavy industries.

Logic Plus Plus India Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 1997 and started its business in Condition Based Monitoring field in the year 2000. We have introduced number of On Line machine health monitoring systems including: Air Gap, Vibration, Zoom, Partial Discharge, Flow Discharge, Efficiency measurement & Silt Measurement etc. in various Thermal & Hydro Power generating companies and Heavy Industries on the Indian Subcontinent.

Logic ++ has indigenously designed & developed an ON-Line Vibration Monitoring System-VMS 500 which has been installed & commissioned in a number of Hydro Power Generating Stations and are running successfully. Since the system is designed, developed and manufactured by us therefor our team can customize the specific requirements of the customers over and above the specifications and features offered by us.

We have the business association with a host of foreign companies in condition monitoring area, which are specialized in their respective fields and are known for their quality products and services all over the world. Those companies products have been introduced by Logic Plus Plus in India & the Subcontinent.

It has established itself as a service provider (including maintenance and service support) in the field of Partial Discharge Measurement for Generation, Transmission & Distribution Transformers, GIS, Switchyard, Switch Gears, Transmission Lines, Lightening Arresters & other related areas.

We have a strong technical base having highly skilled professionals trained abroad to design, develop, customize and carry out installation, commissioning and after sale service. Logic Plus Plus has started conducting TRAINING PROGRAMS for Hydro & Thermal Power Machines & Heavy Industries machines on Maintenance methodologies and Online and Off line Condition Monitoring Systems. We cover wide variety of topics including measurement, analysis and diagnosis of problems in the machines using Air Gap, Vibrations, Partial Discharge (for Generators, Motors, Switchgears and Transformers) and Acoustic parameters, Flux probes etc.

Our Services

Online Partial Discharge Measurement

  • Transformers
  • Current Transformers
  • Potential Transformers
  • Transmission Lines
  • Motors
  • Switch Gears

AMC & Data Analysis

  • On Line Vibration
  • Air Gap
  • Partial Discharge Measurement

Plant Efficiency Improvement

  • Vacuum/Steam Leak Detection
  • Bearing Fault Detection
  • Steam Trap Fault Detection
  • Condenser Leakage
  • Pump Cavitations
  • Electrical Fault
  • Tightness Testing